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We help everyone enjoy amazing technology
- and provide the vital technology our customers need, to keep connected; be more productive, whether working from home or away; stay healthy; learn and play.

About Elkjøp Nordic

What we do

We at Elkjøp work hard every day to enrich the lives of consumers through technology, whether they come to us online or visit our stores. We do this by solving technology problems and addressing key human needs across a range of areas, including entertainment, productivity, communication, food, security and health.

Elkjøp is the leading consumer electronics retailer in the Nordics. We mostly sell consumer electronics, mobile phones, computers, white goods, domestic appliances, kitchen (Epoq), and services linked to these products both directly to consumers and to businesses. We are an omnichannel retailer and serve our customers both online and through our more than 400 stores.  The Group consist of around 11.000 engaged colleagues operating under the brands Elkjøp and Elkjøp Phonehouse in Norway, Elgiganten and Elgiganten Phonehouse in Sweden, Elgiganten in Denmark and Gigantti in Finland. Elko on Iceland, Elding on the Faroe Islands and Pisiffik on Greenland.

We offer a wide range of well-known brands at the best prices in the market. And we do this through a relentless focus on the customer, efficiency and a strong company culture.







Faroe Islands


Nordic Distribution Center (NDC)

Our Nordic Distribution Center (NDC) is located in Jönköping, Sweden. It is one of the keys to our low prices and fast and flexible deliveries. With all our products centralized in one place, there are fewer stops on the way and more efficient distribution of products from factory to the store and you as a customer. The NDC was built in 1997 and was extended in 2000, 2007 and 2016 to keep up with the revenue growth, more direct deliveries (online) and to stay efficient through automation of operations, including 220 robots that place and pick up goods with a capacity of 7000 boxes in and out per hour. Today the NDC holds 107 000 square meters. It has its own railway track and 85 loading and unloading ports for trailers. On average, 75 full-load cars are used daily, and almost 30 million products a year are shipped.

Learn more about our demands and cooperation with our freight forwarders through the initiative Logistics with the heart

Customer Care Centers (CCC)

The Customer Care Centers (CCC) are located in Copenhagen, Lørenskog and Helsinki.

With more than 500 employees in total, we are one of the biggest operations within customer care in the Nordics. The Customer Care Centers are an important part of the overall customer experience within Elkjøp and secures that we are able to the help our customers also after they have completed a purchase in store or online . We are available on phone, chat and email from Monday to Friday, in all our Nordic countries.

How we create a kitchen for you, not for everyone else

With a vision to transform the kitchen industry, our story for passion for quality and innovation started almost 20 years ago. Our goal then and now is to create a kitchen you’ll love and be proud of.

From our humble beginnings in Gothenburg, Sweden, we’ve grown tremendously, and today our 270 kitchen specialists meet you in over 250 Elkjøp stores across the Nordics. Inspired by Nordic aesthetics and functionality, our in-house designers create all our kitchen products in our offices in Nydalen, Oslo.

Because a new kitchen is a big choice - and a big purchase - we invest in logistics, design and training to ensure continuous development of quality and punctuality. In 2024, for example, we will move our distribution to a new central warehouse in Jönköping, Sweden. This means your kitchen will travel shorter distances and arrive at your home faster.

The starting point for everything we do is that you as a customer should feel safe all the way - from design selection to delivery and all the way to enjoying your first cup of coffee in your new kitchen. We’ve always honored our promise to deliver high-quality kitchens for every home and budget, and we stand by our commitment to durability with the longest warranty on the market at 35 years. Through strict quality control and environmental requirements for ourselves and our partners, you can rest assured that your Epoq kitchen will last a lifetime.

Welcome to EPOQ - a kitchen for you, not everyone else.

Brief History

Elkjøp was founded in Norway in 1962 as a cooperation between 33 voluntary dealers, to buy bigger volumes at better prices from the suppliers. Since then Elkjøp has grown to become a solid market leader within consumer electronics and home appliances in the Nordics. Elkjøp was listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange in 1993 and throughout the 1990’s expanded to the other Nordic countries, in addition to establishing a joint Nordic central warehouse in Jönköping. In 1999, Elkjøp was acquired by Dixons Group plc (now Currys).


33 retailers established Elkjøp.


Elkjøp showed its first cinema commercials, starring Olsenbanden.


Elkjøp bought the Tandberg residual stock for 34.5 million NOK.
A feature on Dagsrevyen made the Elkjøp name known in earnest.


Elkjøp’s first hypermarket with 450 sqm opened in Calmeyersgate i Oslo.


Elkjøp listed on Oslo stock exchange


Elkjøp established in Sweden as Elgiganten


Elkjøp established in Sweden as Elgiganten


Elkjøp Nordic Distribution Center (NDC) built in Jönköping, Sweden


Elkjøp established in Finland as Gigantti.

Elkjøp acquired by Dixons Retail (Now Currys).


Elkjøp launched websites in Norway, Denmark and Sweden


Elkjøp starts selling kitchens, under the brand Epoq.


Elkjøp opened its first Megastore with 5000 sqm in Lørenskog.


Elkjøp with new logo and launch of Knowhow as own support and service brand.


Dixons Retail and Carphone Warehouse merge and Elkjøp takes over 100 Phone House stores in Sweden.


Elkjøp acquires InfoCare workshop.

Elkjøp aquired 10 FONA stores in Denmark.


Lefdal stores in Norway rebranded to Elkjøp

Thor Bjarmann

(1945 - 2001)

Was a prominent leader in Elkjøp Nordic over two decades, serving as the Elkjøp group CEO for 13 years. As a result of his energy, charisma, courage and innovative mindset, Elkjøp revolutionized consumer electronics retailing. The company’s turnover grew from 500 MNOK to more than 5.5 BNOK, and the foundation for our current operating model was established under his leadership.

Thor Bjarmann had a strong and clear belief in people as the enabler for success. With his usual energy, enthusiasm and determination, he put people development, and the importance of learning at the core of our culture.

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