Why and how we do it

We have made it our business to help people live more sustainable by smart use of technology, and at the same time minimize our negative impact on the environment.


More sustainable choices

As the undisputed market leader within consumer electronics in the Nordic region, Elkjøp Nordic has a great responsibility for how we conduct our business, contribute to society, treat our customers and employees, and how we maintain our value chain. That is why we have made it our business to help people live more sustainable by smart use of technology, and at the same time minimize our negative impact on the environment.

We work hard every day to enable our customers to make more sustainable choices, extend the life of their products through repairs, and give them new life through recycling and reuse. As a company we are committed to reduce our carbon footprint throughout our operations, reaching for a goal to be carbon neutral by 2025.

Repair, reuse, recycle

With more than 800.000 repairs each year, including 58.000 in-store mobile repairs, we make a strong contribution to extend the life of the products we sell. When customers want to trade up for a new product, we work to give the old one a new life and new owners through reuse. As an example, more than 15.000 white goods have been fixed and resold through our collaboration with Norsk Ombruk. If there’s no more hope for the product, we recycle. On TVs, we are now at a level where 99% is recycled. To utilize the resources this provides, we are now working, together with others, to build a factory in Riga where we can convert plastic from electronics to pellets that can be used in the production of new TVs. We also encourage reuse through Elkjøp Outlet, where you get the opportunity to choose returned items instead of new ones.

Corporate Responsibility

Elkjøp Foundation

We have established The Elkjøp Foundation to fight digital exclusion. We work to raise awareness, increase knowledge and enable access to people who are falling behind in the rapid development of technology.

To connect, play or learn with technology should be easy and fun but that is not always the case. That is why The Elkjøp Foundation supports organisations and associations with products and guidance - in addition to financial resources. This is work we are incredibly proud of!

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Logistics with the heart

The logistics industry in Europe have struggeled with a bad reputation due to several cases of explotation of cheap labour for many years. To take a stand and show our responsibility Elkjøp Nordic started the initiative ”Logistics with the heart” back in 2015. We moved from one freight forwarder to signing with only 16 companies still covering the entire Nordics. One standard contract secures a stronger commitment within sustainability,  traffic safety, language knowledge, working conditions and fair wages. Despite being a big player, we rather use slightly smaller companies that are committed and want to work with us to find the best solutions.

Help us fight digital exclusion

Through our anual research Tech Trouble, we have identified a number of groups that due to age, socioeconomic status, disabilities, language and cultural barriers, or other matters, find themselves on the wrong side of the technological class divide.

According to our research one out of three in the Nordics find it difficult to keep up with the changes in technology, and 20 percent say they have products at home that they do not know how to use. Even more admit that they are not utilizing their products to its full potential, not knowing how to use all the features.

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We are proud of our strong culture, created through our history and a foundation of our success. Working for Elkjøp Nordic should be fun and challenging. Our team spirit is high, and we take pride and have great faith in what we can do and accomplish together. Our common objective is always to make sure our customers are happy, where our values Responsibility, Engagement and Efficiency guide us and are at the core of everything we do.



Engagement creates great customer experiences as well as a great workplace. To fuel our engagement, we need to encourage each other, by sharing, achieving and celebrating. Work is more fun and more meaningful when we make an effort to make a difference – for our ourselves, our colleagues and our customers. It takes real dedication to grow, and real engagement to be truly dedicated. The drive to do our best is what makes our co-workers stay and our customers return. It is an attitude that is the very heart of our culture.


Responsibility is how we earn the trust of our
co-workers, our customers and the community. That means truly listening to every customer and give great advice, every time. It means doing business in a way that is in line with our policies and ethical standards. It is our responsibility to contribute to the quality of life of our customers, our employees and society at large. We have made it our business to help people live more sustainably by smart use of technology and at the same time minimize our negative impact on the environment.


Efficiency holds our organization together from top to bottom and is what makes us move forward. It is the very foundation for achieving goals, big or small, individual or collective. We are always looking for ways to improve our game through cost smartness and efficient teamwork. We depend on each other for learning, support and feedback, whether we work in the store, at the office, in customer care or in distribution. Helping each other in being the best that we can be, makes us capable of adapting in times of change and gives us a key competitive advantage.